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JJ EL84 Pair with box in middle image

Power Valves

Available as singles, matched pairs, and matched quads. Tested in-house.

Sovtek 12AX7WC 3 Pack Unpackaged

Preamp Valves

Quality tubes from quality brands. Tested in-house. Balanced tubes available.

Don't forget the rectifier valve image

Rectifier Valves

Our Rectifier Valve Collection for your guitar amp, Hi-fi or jukebox.

Marshall DSL series bias repair kit fitted to an amp

Bias Mod Kits

Fix Marshall DSL and TSL bias drift without replacing the PC board.

Best quality. Best service. Best tone.

Official Dealer. All valves In-house Tested. 180 Day Warranty.

Power Amp Valves

Marshall JCM900 Chassis image

Customer Reviews

“Excellent price and service, thank you”


Bought JJ GZ34S
Reviewed on 29th June 2022

“Great product, fair price and very fast delivery”


Bought JJ EL34 II Matched Pair
Reviewed on 4th August 2022

“Excellent, knowledgeable, helpful and friendly. Responsive service, Lightning fast delivery. And the valves sound just beautiful. Very very pleased”


Bought JJ 12BH7-A valves
Reviewed on 11th July,2022

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