JJ EZ81 Rectifier

Rectifier Valve ? Many of the vintage amplifiers such as the Vox AC30 , Fender Twin Reverb  use a rectifier valve.  Other amps use modern silicon diodes. The rectifier valve…

You find electrolytic capacitors in the power supply and decoupling of valves in Hifi and guitar amps. They are like a battery because they have a positive and negative terminal….

Your amp is filled with small capacitors as in the picture below.  They come in many different colours so this is jut a sample In simple terms,  is in the…

Customer Reviews

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"New customer here. I want to say that I was blown away with the incredibly fast shipping! Now I can get my JCM 2000 DSL 100 performing the way it should with no bias worries much sooner that I thought. The fantastic price, wonderful illustrated mod instructions and unbelievable shipping speed is second to none. The whole experience was great and I would highly recommend valvetubeguitaramps.com for all of your amp needs!" - North American customer J.J. bought a Marshall Stable Bias kit reviewed 4th January 2021

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"Fast reliable service and good value!" UK customer bought Vox AC 30 CC2 valve kit and reviewed 14th January 2021

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