JJ EL84 Matched Pair with test certificate 180 day warranty

JJ EL84 Matched Pair


JJ EL84 Matched Pair at real voltages found in your amp  with 180 day warranty

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JJ EL84 Matched Pair

The JJ EL84 Matched Pair is used in famous amps such  as the Fender Blues Jr., Vox AC15 and Vox AC30.  In the USA the same valve is called the 6BQ5. The JJ is a bright sounding valve and is excellent for players that like “clean” along with a bright sound so reminiscent of the 60’s.
We test and match your EL84′ at real amp voltages and  give you a test certificate of the result.  
We test each valve /tube on our AVO analogue testers.  This ensures that we catch not only poor quality new valves but in the case of vintage valves we can detect and reject the worn
We  give a 180 day from receipt warranty on the product ( excludes  user caused mechanical damage ) for peace of mind .
Note: Valves use high voltages and these voltages are dangerous. The amp can still retain these high voltages for some time even after being switched off.  If you are not sure of fitting them , please seek the services of qualified personnel

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