180 Day warranty

180 day warranty on valves !

If you in North America substitute the word valves for tubes !

We have looked at many websites that sell valves/tubes and we found that the warranty was mentioned nowhere on the site or buried on the website.

The warranty was in many cases very stingy.  

We now offer a 180 day warranty on all the valves we sell. 

We are completely upfront and you will see the 180 day guarantee logo on the checkout page

Why such a good warranty?

We test  the valves which we sell.  We work to ensure that no bad ones ever reach our customers.  

We typically test output valves at 400 volts as it does represent a typical B+ voltage in an amp.

Valves are old technology and inevitably a very few will suffer infant mortality.  We see it when testing. A valve powers up and looks fine then after some minutes, it goes to the big factory in the sky.  It is an ex-valve, ex-tube, failed, non-functional, a duffer, expired, dead. it is no more.

Our in-house testing enables us to have a lot more confidence in what we send to you.

Of course there have to be some terms and conditions to having a 180 day warranty.

The valves should be fitted by a tech person.  You may ask why?

We see amps that have a fault and this is causing the output valves to overheat.  their life is majorly shortened and the root cause fault needs to be fixed. We cannot warranty valves that have been cooked to destruction due to a biasing fault.  

Output valves need to have the bias set correctly in those amps that have adjustable bias.  Matched sets of output valves do vary widely and so a new set will need to be adjusted to ensure they are not over-run. This shortened their life. Setting the bias also is important if you want the amp to sound good!

Power soaks are great for reducing the volume but the downside is that they are very hard on the output valves.  In some amps, they can also significantly shorten the life of the output transformer ! 

Our in house testing at 400 volts enables us to give a fair usage warranty of 180 days.
We believe our 180 day warranty on valves is the best warranty from any supplier in the UK

Have a look at our shop now !

You can check out our terms and conditions here



Customer Reviews

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"It looks to be a very quality product. Super fast international shipping at a great price." - US customer G.bought our Marshall JCM2000 Stable Bias boars on 18th November 2020

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"Perfect as usual !" D.C. Bought Genalex preamp valves on 21st November 2020

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