Our passion is valve amps. We love them!

Valve Tube Guitar Amps stocks valves for musical instrument amplifiers, jukeboxes and Hi-Fi systems.

We are based in the lovely seaside town of Scarborough on the North Yorkshire coast.

Stewart, who runs this site, has decades of experience working with valve amps and tries to play guitar. So he “walks the walk” as well as “talks the talk”. Stewart has a 1st class honours degree in electronics engineering, so has the theory in addition to his years of practical experience.

Stewart occasionally does amp servicing and repairs to valve amps too. Besides comprehensive stocks of valves and components, we have all the necessary test equipment, such as an LCR bridge, valve characterisation testers, signal generators, digital storage and traditional oscilloscopes. Recent amp repairs include Vox AC30’s, Marshalls, Fenders, bespoke amps and Chinese amps such as Bugera and Sub Zero. we have also done major restorations on amps. An example is a Dynacord KV10 from 1957, which was a total wreck and that Stewart painstakingly restored.

You can take advantage of this experience and get advice on ideas to pep up your amp. We have also advised on faults and we can make a suggested approach to a successful restoration of your amp to its full glory. Just email us at info@valvetubeguitaramps.com. We are always happy to give advice.

Our In-House Tech Tests and Matches Each Valve by Hand


1st Class Honours Degree in Electrical Engineering


Decades Working on Valve Amplifiers


Fully capable amp technician and restoration specialist

We understand that all valves are not created equal. Different brand names, even out of the same factory, are deliberately made to give you different tone colours. The challenge is so much choice and so little time! We have almost 20 variations on the ECC83 (12AX7) pin out all with their differing tonal qualities. Please ask us for advice.

VTGA carries valves from JJ Electronic in Slovakia and the Saratov factory in the Russian Federation. We carry Electro Harmonix (EH), Sovtek, Genelax and Tung Sol as an official dealer. We buy direct from the manufacturers and have several AVO testers and custom-built testing equipment to perform the best possible matching and balancing of your valves.

We can supply most overseas countries with delivery usually under a week.

We love to hear from valve (tube) amp users, so please get in contact!

Valves arrived really quickly, meant I could get my amp back up and running in time for next band rehearsal. Sounded great! Excellent service, won’t hesitate to use again.


All Valves Tested In-House

Treat your amp or hi-fi to the best

Top Brands for Your Gear

  • Tung Sol
  • JJ
  • Sovtek
  • Electro-Harmonix
  • Genalex
  • Power Valves
  • Preamp Valves
  • Rectifier Valves
  • Guitar Amps
  • Hi-fi

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