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We offer a wide range of JJ Electronic valves.  Excellent value and quality from this Slovakian manufacturer. Check our stock now !

  • JJ 12AY7 Image
    EF86 ECC99 ECL82 12AY7 12DW7 12BH7

    JJ 12AY7

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    The JJ 12AY7 is a brand new pre-amp valve introduced by JJ Electronic in June 2015. The 12AY7 is also known as the 6072A. It was used in a number of early Fender Tweed amps in the first pre-amp stage. .  It is a medium gain double triode pre-amp valve. Tested by us in addition to factory testing

  • JJ 300B sitting on AVO tester image
    300B Matched Power Valve Kits

    JJ 300B Matched Pairs & Quads

    £293.00£585.00 Select options

    Ultra-long life, high-quality construction and superior sonics with improved performance make the JJ 300B a top choice over other 300B valves. We accurately match each set in-house for anode current and provide our test results on a certificate in the box.

  • JJ 5751 Image
    ECC83S 12AX7 Valves Types

    JJ 5751

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    JJ 5751 – A lower gain ECC83 for Clean Sound. Fully pin compatible with the 12AX7 , Fully tested by us.

  • JJ 5881 image
    5881 6L6 Tubes and 6V6 Valves

    JJ 5881 Singles, Matched Pairs & Quads

    £29.95£106.80 Select options

    5881 Matched Pairs from JJ Electronic. Comes with two matched valves and a test certificate showing the results of our in-house testing, which we perform by hand with state-of-the-art equipment and decades of expertise. Checkout our Supermatch info.

  • JJ 5U4GB Image
    JJ Electronic

    JJ 5U4GB Rectifier Valve

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    JJ 5U4GB Rectifier valve brand new. We test every rectifier we sell on our Avo testers. Each unit comes with the test results on the box.  Excellent valve for harnessing rectifier sag.

  • JJ 5Y3S Rectifier for vintage style amps
    JJ Electronic

    JJ 5Y3S

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    The JJ 5Y3S Full Wave Rectifier Valve is brand new and tested by us before shipping to you. It is recommended to change your rectifier when changing the output valves.

  • JJ 6550 Matched Pair image

    JJ 6550 Matched Pairs and Quads

    £99.00£197.00 Select options

    Our JJ 6550 Matched Pairs and Quads in push-pull can easily provide 100 watts of audio power, and come with a test certificate showing our matching parameters. This ensures the best performance and sound quality.

  • JJ Hand Matched Pair 6L6GC
    5881 6L6 Tubes and 6V6 Valves

    JJ 6L6GC Singles Matched Pairs Quads

    £29.99£102.99 Select options

    The JJ 6L6GC Single Matched Pairs Quads are new and tested in-house. You will receive a hand matched set with supporting test certificate. Get a superb set of 6L6GC’s and unlock your amp’s best tone!

  • Hand Matched Pair JJ 6V6S
    5881 6L6 Tubes and 6V6 Valves

    JJ 6V6S Singles & Matched Pairs Quads

    £23.75£93.50 Select options

    JJ 6V6S Singles, Matched Pairsand Quads. We test at voltages seen in your amp. The JJ 6V6S can withstand higher volts than most other brands of  6V6. Tested at 400 volts.

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