Balanced Preamp Valves

Balanced Preamp valves for better tone when used in the phase splitter position in push pull output stage amps

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    Balanced Preamp Valves

    EH 7025 Preamp Valve Balanced

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    Electro-Harmonix has released a low noise, low microphonic version of the 12AX7, the EH 7025.
    Electro-Harmonix has redesigned the structure of the 12AX7 and has implemented construction techniques to ensure the absolute lowest noise and microphonics possible.  It is fully tested by us and has a 120 day warranty. Made in Russia.

  • Balanced Preamp Valves

    Tung Sol 12AT7W Balanced

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    The Tung  Sol 12AT7W Preamp valve double triode  is  used in reverb preamp circuits, and phase splitter applications. The European part number is ECC81  Another equivalent part number is the 6201. We test every unit  on our  vintage analogue valvel testers.

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