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We have been working on Faster Shipping with more options to improve our service in these challenging times

We now can ship to Italy Greece again and have much faster shipping options for Canada, USA and the rest of the world!

We have been experiencing the UK post to be much slower within the UK and is becoming very slow for example to the USA.  

We have seen first class post take 9 days in the UK. Royal Mail announced today ( 29th April 2020) that Saturday deliveries are going to be halted.  International deliveries are taking upwards of two weeks just to leave the UK.

We have taken action to improve our service.

In addition to Royal Mail, we now offer DHL, UPS, TNT, Fed-EX and you can choose the service level at checkout. 

When you get to the checkout page you will see there are a number of options.   We still have Royal Mail because that is the lowest cost. However, it is by far the slowest as illustrated above

You can make a choice. If you go to the calculate shipping button and enter your country and post/zip code more options will be seen.

Do this before attempting to pay.

You will get live prices for UPS Fed Ex and DHL and prices for different service levels.

You can now be assured that in these difficult times, we can get your orders to you as quick as you need them.

Recent Customer Reviews

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"I’d spent some time upgrading my Blues Junior mk2 with better-spec components; larger pine cab, Cannabis rex, caps & resistors. What difference could alternative preamp tubes make? Well…I’ve already thanked Stewart for hooking me up with these beauties. 7025’s in the V1 & 2 sockets really have cut background noise to pretty-much nowt & any ‘loss of gain’ (I use pedals for this anyhow) is made up for by being able to play at increased vol & greater clean headroom. I lik’em & you might too!." - MH bought EH 7025's and reviewed on 18th July 2021

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"Awesome" US Cusomer S.O. bought Marshall DSL Stable Bias Board kit and reviewed on 18th July 2021

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