NEWS UPDATE VALVE SUPPLIES Updated 13th August 2022 –

NEWS UPDATE VALVE SUPPLIES Updated 13th August 2022

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General Situation on 13th August 2022

JJ ELectronic New Stock image We are shipping same day any orders received Mon-Friday  before 3pm. We ship orders received before 10am on Saturday morning on Saturday.
We still have stocks of Russian valves ( EHX, Genalex, Sovtek, Tung Sol)  They are dwindling fast.
On 9th May the UK applied even more sanctions to Russian goods. On the assumption they can be imported, the import duty rate is 35% !! This is incresing prices.

We received a large shipent of JJ Eectronic valves in April and this is mostly all sold.  We are ordering more but JJ is quoting a delivery time of 22 months. We do talk to JJ and situation has not improved at all

We have blanket orders placed in the hope that stock becomes available.With the war in Ukraine,  nothing is being shipped out of the Russian factory. Without getting into politics,  the reality is that the “West” is hardening their sanctions as I write this update. This “special operation ” is turning into a  ” special long slog” so there is no prospect of Russian valve shipments.

But will your country ( in our case the UK) even allow the importing of valves due to sanctions?

I also called the UK government department responsible for trade and could not get a clear concise answer on whether valves can be imported from Russia or if the 35% sanctions duty rate will continue to apply. I could not get any clear answer other than I was advised to take legal advice. It appeared that no one wanted to take responsibility answer. It appears today that it is difficult to predict the legality or the duty rate on importing Russian valves today,  The question of whether they are subject to sanctions is an unknown question today.

What about JJ Electronic Supply situation?

JJ is much smaller than the New Sensor Russian factory.   Amp manufacturers are having to rely on JJ Electronic.  They are being hammered with orders and no doubt everybody demanding that they get priority.  So it is totally understandable that JJ has to make hard choices on who to supply. Amp manufacturers should get the priority.  If amp makers receive  no valves, staff get laid off.

JJ is quoting a delivery time of 22 months. I  received feedback from JJ Electronic   that they have zero stock.

We have blanket orders placed with JJ Electronic in the hope that stock becomes available.

What are we doing to ensure supplies?

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We have the first of our Tube Amp Doctor shipments now on the shelf.  We will be expanding this product line.  These products are coming from a Chinese factory that was mothballed and is now in the process of being refurbished.
6L6 and 6v6 are in production. The production plan includes  ECC83WA, 7025WA, 12AX7A/7025, 12BH7A-STR and KT88-STR , 6550A-STR, 12AT7 / ECC81 and EL84 -STR.

We will be stocking the whole range as it becomes available

Check out our  kits with JJ   EL84’s  and the 6V6S kits
Come back and check on our site as we will doing a further NEWS UPDATE VALVE SUPPLIES blog as soon as we have more information.

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