Tung Sol 7591A

7591A Tung Sol Matched Pair You need to hear these!

The 7591A Tung Sol Matched Pair  are reputed to be the bes sounding  versions of the 7591 valve.  We hand select and refine the factory pre-matching on our suite of Avo testers You will receive a test certificate following our in-house testing which is done by hand. Checkout our Supermatch info.


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7591A Tung Sol Matched Pair is reputed to be the best re-creation of any 7591.

The 7591A Tung Sol Matched Pair  are pre-matched for us at the factory and are then tested by us on our suite of Avo testers and our Supermatch process is done by hand for the best quality. We issue a test certificate with the matching results

The original 7591 valve was introduced in 1959 and is a high power valve that is a designers’s dream as it is so easy to work with.  As a result, it is found in many home audio products  during the 1960’s.  Example companies using 7591’s are Fisher and H. Scott in their home audio equipment.


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It is extremely important that the bias is set correctly on these high power valves or else their working lives will be shortened.

We also offer a 120 day from purchase warranty on the product ( excludes user caused mechanical damage failure and incorrectly set bias ).

Note: Valves use high voltages and these voltages are dangerous. The amp can still retain these high voltages for some time even after being switched off.  If you are not sure of fitting them , please seek the services of qualified personnel

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"I called shortly after ordering some replacement valves as I wondered if there was anything else I needed to address the noise. Not only did Stewart suggest a more suitable valve for the tone I was after, we had a really enjoyable chat and he give me some really useful tips for future fault finding. Follow your nose and shop here folks, you will not be disappointed!!." - Colin W July 2019.

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"The valves for my Vox AC30CC2X arrived next day which was impressive . This is the third set of valves I have purchased for my amps from this company , I also have a Marshall TSL 601. Service and telephone advice is always first rate. Recommended" Neil F July 2019

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