Vox AC30 CC1 CC2 CCX2 Valve Kit Superior Quality Russian Valves

This is a Vox AC30 CC1 CC2 CCX2 Valve Kit It and includes the rectifier and matched valves with test certificates.  The kit is a total of 8 quality Russian valves -chosen to give top reliability and a rich Vox tone. Give your amp a breath of fresh air and save money on buying the whole kit.


Product Description

This is the Vox AC30 CC1 CC2 CCX2 valve kit. These are the latest generation VOX AC30 models.

We have selected this mix of valves to give you  top reliabity and giving a quality tonal range that folks just love from the AC30.These valves are tested by us and are factory tested to USA  Dept of Defense Mil Std 133 Revision D.

The kit has 8 valves as follows :

4x  Sovtek EL84 output valves which have been factory matched and further refined for matching by us. They are tested at 400 volts to ensure they work at real AC30 voltages.

1x Tung Sol 12AX7 ( ECC83)  which is matched and balanced for the phase splitter position .  You will receive a test certificate for the matched EL84’s and for the matched/ balanced 12AX7.

2 x Tung Sol 12AX7

1x  Sovtek 5AR4 (GZ34) Rectifier

Your Tung Sols have been tested at 250 volts.

This is the full kit needed and it is worth changing the rectifier when you are changing the sound valves.  If you are looking for a different year of Vox AC 30 kit please check out our other kits as the valve line-up in AC30’s has changed over the last 50 years of production.

Here is a blog on repairing one of this generation of VOX AC30 

We test every valve we sell on our Avo testers. All valves are brand new and have 120 days warranty in normal use.

We are an official dealer for all our new valves.

Additional Information

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AC30 CC1, AC30 CC2, AC30 CC2X


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