valves for jukeboxes

Our stock of valves for jukeboxes and hifi amps is expanding .

We now have a category dedicated to valves  tubes for these markets.  Check it out by clicking here 

We have valves for Wurlitzer, Rockola,  Seeburg jukeboxes and also for those quality hi-fi amps from the 1960’s

If you are looking for 6973’s to replace your ageing RCA 6973’s or the 7868 ( which is basically the 7591 in a more modern valve base than the octal based 7591 – we have them in stock. These are all Russian manufactured and are re-creations to be exact replacements and not another valve that is  kind of twisted to be a kind of a replacement.

Of course we have all the usual ECC83, 12AX7,  EL84, 6L6 etc etc popular valves.

We also have Sovtek and EH 6SL7 and 6SN7 , the forerunners to the 12AT7/12AX7 family too.

We will continue to expand this product line. Our prices include VAT and delivery in the UK and come with 120 days warranty. We are official agents for all the valves which we sell. Have a look and see which valves for jukeboxes and hi-fi that you need here

Many of the jukeboxes being restored today come from the USA where the mains voltage is 110 volts. Converting the voltage is relatively straight forward and you can buy transformers online with little difficulty.  The bigger challenge is that the USa uses 60Hz AC mains but we use 50Hz . If you simply use a transformer to convert the voltage for Europe then the issue is that it is 50Hz. This is a problem in certain juke boxes because the motor speed is set by the mains frequency ! So when you connect your jukebox via a simple transformer the records play slow.  Yes indeed Elvis Presley did not have that deep a voice !

There is a solution and that is to use a power supply for the record deck motor that turns our 50Hz mains into 60Hz and this is made in Yorkshire !


Check out these converters here 

Juke Box Motor Drives

Customer Reviews

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"Excellent and friendly service with great advice as to the best things to buy without trying to sell you the most expensive stuff. Will be coming back!" - D.P 1st June 2020

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"Peavey Classic 30 back to sounding great – and quiet when it should be. Prompt service and reasonable prices. Thank you.." P.M,24th May 2020 bought a full valve kit

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