JJ EF806S replacement for EF86

A number of customers have asked us about new EF86’s. This a  famous high gain audio pentode from the 1950’s and 1960’s. There are a lot of  used EF86’s on well known auction sites that are unboxed with big prices. My own experience  is that many of these original valves are well used and not worth the money.

The alternative  has been to buy  NOS original boxed units but these are vintage and command high prices. The good news is that JJ Electronic makes the EF806S which is brand new, fully tested by us, and has a 120 day warranty.

The EF806S, like the EF86, is an unusual pre-amp valve as it is a pentode rather than the traditional triode  and it is a bit wild !!!  It is not pin compatible with the ECC83S as these are double triodes !!

This is a bit of wild valve as it has such high gain. Click here for the data sheet. It is unusual to have a pentode as a pre-amp valve. Vox  favoured them in their early amps.  Blackstar’s Artisan series  Dr Z, and Bad Cat use them in today’ s new amps. I wonder if they are making a comeback?

The product is in stock and click here to buy .

Customer Reviews

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"Great service, prompt delivery and good matching. Only just fitted today but valves sound good to me. Decent returns policy, although not needed it. Many thanks. 🙂👍" - T.D. Bought JJ Vox AC30 valve kit 28th Feb 2021

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"Super-fast delivery and great item. Brilliant service – highly recommended" UK customer V.A reviewed following purchase of JJ 12AY7 3rd March 2021

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