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1x7025EH 3xTung Sol 12AX7 and 2X 6L6GC-STR

1x7025EH 3xTung Sol 12AX7 and 2X 6L6GC-STR Russian kit has the new low noise low microphonics 7025 as our first kit to offer this newly re-issued valve


Product Description

1x7025EH 3xTung Sol 12AX7 and 2X 6L6GC-STR Kit


This is a quality Russian valve kit and is optimised for a superb rock  and metal sound from amps such as the Engl Fireball 60.

Tung Sol produce a strong gutsy tone . The Tung Sol 6L6-STR are superb relatable output valves  with excellent break up characteristics that give your amp that superb sound that makes the hairs on the back of your neck stand up. The good gain Tung Sol 12AX7 have a great mid range tone without and  best described as the notes dont turn to mush when the amp is cranked up.

The Tung Sol 6l6GC-STR are matched and come with a test certificate. 

The downside of high gain amps is that the amp becomes very sensitive to any noise, hum and microphonics in the first valve on the input. This is due to any shortcomings here its amplified through the whole amp valve chain.

Up till the 1970’s, a special build ECC83/12AX7 was made which was tested for low noise, hum and microphonics. This was designated as the 7025. It went out of production.  Makers including the Russian factory branded valves with the secondary part number “7025” but in reality this was a bit of marketing.

The good news is that Electro Harmonix has made a proper 7025 that deserves the marking. It just became available in March 2020 and we got the first batch in the UK.

We test every valve we sell so the 7025 and 12AX7 has the anode currents noted on each box.We test your valves on our suite of AVO testers.

We are official distributors for Russian and Slovakian valves.

Price includes free UK 1st Class Post delivery and fast international delivery options are available at checkout. 180 day warranty on faulty workmanship

Additional Information

Amp make

Cornford, Engl, Fender

Amp model

6100, 6101, Bandmaster AA270, Bandmaster AA768, Bantam Bass, Bassman 6G6A, Bassman 6G6B, Fireball 60 watt E625, Mk50 II, Mk50H, Screamer E330, Thunder Drive E322, Thunder E320, Tremolux 6G9, Tremolux 6G9A, Tremolux 6G9B, Tremolux Blackface AA763, Vibrolux 5G11, Vibrolux 5G11A

Customer Reviews

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"Kit arrived within 24hours. Easy to follow instructions. Great product." - Anon in the UK bught Bught Marshall Stable Bias kit 25th Aug 2020

Star rating Star rating Star rating Star rating Star rating

"Very good fast service great product" J.R bought Sovtek EL84 Matched quad. 25th August 2020

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