5U4GB Electro Harmonix Premium Tested for a Dependable Rectifier

5U4GB  by Electro Harmonix is brand new  The 5U4GB is used in many American made amp designs such as Mesa Boogie and Fender


10 in stock (can be backordered)

Product Description

The Electro Harmonix  5U4GB Rectifier Valve is used in famous amps such as the Fender amps.

Valve rectifiers  are characterised by the ” sag” that they introduce which is a bit like compression. The result is a better sustaining note at the same volume as an amp with solid state power supply rectification.  5U4GB’s do give a better sound!.

The 5U4GB will produce a 100 watts of HT voltage so is excellent for 50-80 watt guitar amps.  The original black & silverface Fender Deluxe Reverbs used the 5U4 rectifier and that is one great sounding amplifier.t

We also offer a 120 day from purchase warranty on the product ( excludes user caused mechanical damage failure). We test every 5u4GB on our AVO  testers before shipping. We test every unit and the test results are labelled on the box, to give you the assurance of a quality brand new product

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This  Rectifier  is the better alternative to replacing your old worn 5U4’s  with solid state rectifiers.  Over time, valve rectifiers loose emission and so their impedance increases.  This leads to a lower voltage especially on your output stage in your amp which can mean less clean sounds at higher volume or even lower maximum volume.

We test every 5U4GB that we ship

You can see the data sheet here

We stock a whole range of rectifiers for all amps and all are tested by us.  We have JJ Sovtek EH and Tung Sol rectifiers always in stock 

Note: Valves use high voltages and these voltages are dangerous. The amp can still retain these high voltages for some time even after being switched off.  If you are not sure of fitting them , please seek the services of qualified personnel

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