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JJ E88CC Exact Replacement


The E88CC is a high quality double triode. Alternate part numbers are 6922, 6DJ8, ECC88 and can fully replace these types. It is not completely pin compatible with these other double triode types.

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JJ E88CC Exact Replacement

JJ E88CC Exact Replacement is  also known as the 6922, 6DJ8 and ECC88   is a high quality double triode originally introduced by Mullard in the 1950’s.  They re-arranged the part number from the expected ECC88 to E88CC to highlight that it is designed as a long service valve.  This is different from a ruggedised valve .It provides very smooth mids and high end with a lot of detail.

Note that while this valve can be classed like an ECC83 /12AX7 :

The E88CC is NOT pin compatible and NOT designed to replace an ECC83/12AX7

We test each valve ourselves in addition to full factory testing by JJ Electronic to assure you of getting a quality product. We include our class leading 180 day warranty 
Long service means lasting a long time. Ruggedised is designed to withstand a lot of vibration.  The alternative part numbers  are ECC88, 6922,6DJ8 and the Chinese 6N11
 There is an international shipping options too. for UK and international customers.  Just make your selection at checkout. Get your valves delivered faster!


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