JJ ECC83S Preamp Valve


JJ ECC83S Preamp Valve with factory tested, premium tested and balanced options. Excellent value for your money. Factory tested prices start at £13 each plus VAT.


Looking for a top-notch preamp valve? The JJ ECC83S is the way to go! Known for its super low hum and noise levels, this EU-made gem from Slovakia is an affordable favorite. Here are your options: Factory Tested – straight from our stock, Premium Tested in-house with our custom-built tester; Balanced – meticulously matched units with test certificate included. Bulk buy packs of 12, 25, or 50 at great prices. Need more? Just shoot us an email. Check out the ECC83S data sheet here. And don’t forget, we also carry the ECC83MG for mid-gain applications!

Here are your options:

  • Factory Test: Direct from our ECC83S stock from JJ Electronic
  • Premium tested: We use our custom-built tester, which emulates the circuitry in your amp. We test for:
    • Shorts
    • Cathode to heater insulation, important to ensure low hum
    • Anode insulation
    • Anode currents
    • Noise and microphonics
    • Tested at 250 volts with – 2 volts bias to simulate actual conditions in your amp.
  •  Balanced: In addition to the above tests and labelling, we select the units where the anode currents closely match, and record the anode currents and Gm of each triode directly on the box. Also includes a test certificate. Perfect as a phase splitter in your amp to ensure an even drive to the amp output stage.
  • Bulk Buy: We have packs of 12, 25 and 50 units. Very competitive prices. Need a larger volume quote? Drop us an email.
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