Fender Blues Junior Valve kit Get more clean headroom and better reliability

This Fender Blues Junior valve kit contains three Sovtek 12AX7WC  and two Sovtek  EL84M’s. This is a quality upgrade for your amp using ruggedised valves that sound good!

We use our  SUPERMATCH process to match  one of the the  ECC83S’s and the EL84’s.

You will receive a test certificate showing the matching info. Valves are made in Russia. All your valves are tested on our suite of AVO testers


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Product Description

This Fender Blues Junior  valve kit contains three  Sovtek 12Ax7WC’s   and  two Sovetek EL84M ‘s.

This is an excellent upgrade kit for a Fender Blues Junior amp

The Sovtek 12AX7WC is the valve that Fender buy and re-brand as their Groove Tubes 12AX7. It is a lovely balanced tone pre-amp valve and has reputedly the lowest microphonics of any of the Russian manufactured 12AX7 types. The “W” denotes that the valve is ruggedised giving you a valve that has the endurance for combo amps.

The Sovtek EL84M is a ruggedised valve and is slightly wider than the standard EL84 . The “M” stands for miltary as it is a ruggedised long life valve. It will last 2-3 times longer than any standard EL84 and it will produce 2/3 more watts per valve. It is good for increasing headroom on 15 watt amps. You will achieve more clean headroom  too

We use our  SUPERMATCH process to match the EL84’s and we supply a matched balanced 12AX7WC for the phase splitter position

You will receive a test certificate showing the matching info. Valves are made in Russia and tested to US Dept of Defense  standard 133 Revision D at the factory. We also test them on our Avo testers.


Additional Information

Amp make

Bugera, Fender, Laney, Dr Z, Vox

Amp model

AC15, AC15C1, AC15HW2, Blues Junior, LC15, LC15R, Maz 18 No Reverb, NT15C1, Pro Junior, TT20, V22 Infinium


No, Yes



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