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JJ 5Y3S Full Wave Rectifier Valve – price incl VAT and UK delivery

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The JJ 5Y3S Full Wave Rectifier Valve is brand new and tested by us before shipping to you. It is recommended to change your rectifier when changing the output valves.


Product Description

The JJ 5Y3S Full Wave Rectifier Valve is a new addition to our family of valve rectifiers. We now offer a very complete range of rectifiers for almost every amplifier. It replaces all 5Y3GT types. GT only means glass tubular and does not refer to the specification. 

It is used in amps such as the Fender Champ and most of the early Fender Tweed style amps. In these amps do not be tempted to use NOS ( New Old Stock) 5Y3’s as they are  are not to as high a specification. Our JJ 5Y3S Full Wave Rectifier Valve will perform in all amplifiers. needing a 5Y3 type of rectifier,

It is worth replacing the rectifier as they loose emission with age and use and this results in the voltage being reduced. You get lower volume and more bad sounding distortion. When replacing your output valves, it is smart to replace the rectifier valve and keep it as a spare.

The rectifier  is worth changing and here is an article which explains why  – click here

It is brand new and comes with our  industry  leading 120 day warranty on all our new valves. We test every JJ 5Y3S that we ship to assure you of a quality product.All are tested on our AVO valve testers in addition to full factory testing.

Here is a link to the data on the JJ 5Y3S

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"Unsurpassed service backed with reassuring depth of knowledge of thermionic." - John A 6th Nov 2019

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"I ordered the quad for my stereo amplifier and they sound really great (more tight bass, well focused mids, sweet and “airy” highs. A step-up from the previous set. They were sent very well packaged and were shipped promptly. I cannot coment on the matching process, since I am not that experienced, but common sense says it is an advantage. Fact is that they sound really good. Totally satisfied and I guess I will be a regular customer from now on.."- A.L. 29th October, 2019

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