Tung Sol 5AR4 GZ34 is the best GZ34 type which we offer

Tung Sol 5AR4 GZ34


The Tung Sol 5AR4 is the best 5AR4 /GZ34 type in our product line , read on……

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Tung Sol 5AR4 GZ34

The Tung Sol 5Ar4 GZ34 is a premium directly heated heavy duty rectifier diode. This helps extend the life of the other valves in the amplifier by allowing them to heat up before plate voltage is applied. Tung-Sol tubes reflect the best in vintage construction with unsurpassed tone and reliability.

• Low internal voltage drop & controlled heater warm up time
• Excellent choice for both Hifi and instrument amplification
• Replacement/upgrade for all 5AR4/GZ34 types

Tung-Sol valves have always been known for their reliability and great tone. Today’s Tung-Sol valves are constructed with the same commitment to quality and reliability for which Tung Sol is renowned. Tung-Sol valves  reflect the best in vintage Tung-Sol construction.

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We also give a 180 day from receipt warranty on the product ( excludes  user caused mechanical damage ) for peace of mind .

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