Vox AC15TBX Superior Valve Kit to enhance the tone of your great amp

This is Vox AC15TBX Superior Valve Kit and contains   five Sovtek 12AX7WC’s two  Sovtek EL84’s and a JJ 5Y3S recitifier, We test every valve we sell and the Vox AC15TBX Superior Valve Kit  has one of the 12AX7’s and the EL84’s   hand matched on our suite of AVO testers. . You will receive a test certificate showing the matching info and the test conditions; . Valves are made in Russia by Sovtek and the rectifier in Slovakia by JJ Electronic


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Here is the perfect Vox AC15TBX Superior Valve Kit, using Sovtek  valves. These quality Russian valves are the best sounding  in this  VOX AC15 model.

This Vox AC15TBX Superior Valve Kit contains five Sovtek 12AX7WC, two  Sovtek EL84’s and a  JJ 5Y3S rectifier valve.

We test every valve we sell and one of the 12Ax7’s  and the EL84’s  will be hand matched. The specially selected balanced 12AX7WC  is for the phase splitter position. We test and match on our suite of Avo testers. Valves are tested at voltages higher than found in these amps.

You will receive a test certificate showing the matching info and the test conditions for the matched valves.  Sovtek valves are made in Russia and tested to US Department of Defense Mil Std 133 Revison D  and the rectifier is made in Slovakia by JJ Electronic.

You do not need to set the bias on the EL84’s so it is literally plug and play.

One important point to note with this amp model is that some of the amps were originally fitted with Philips EL84’s . The El84’s are recessed in the chassis. The holes in the chassis were cut to suit these valves. Unfortunately, all currently manufactured EL84 are slightly wider.  The actual spec for diameter of an EL84  is 22mm and they did not take account of the tolerance on the valve width. You might need to use a round file to expand the chassis hole for the EL84. If you find they do not fit, then rasp out the chassis hole with a round file. Take care not to get the metal dust in the valve sockets !  If you dont do this then you face the very expensive option of trying to find narrow matched NOS valves !

We also offer a JJ Electronic based valve kit for this amp

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Very durable valves come with 180 day warranty.

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"Great item, fast delivery and sound amazing, made my DSL401 come to life." - R.M 28th June 2020

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"Quick shipping, well packed. Low-noise and tube works perfectly in poweramp of my Fryette GP/DI." M.R 4th July 2020

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