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A brand New feature for amp techs and amp makers

We have  a  brand new ” Website Trade Area” for amp techs, service folks and amp manufacturers.

You can find the new “Trade” tab on the top left of our homepage

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Our new website trade area gives discount to regular purchasing customers who are in amp related businesses.

If you repair, service or build amps then this option is just for you. Also good for juke box restoration technician businesses too

We also welcome new trade customers.

Just complete a simple form to register on the site and then  we allocate you a username and password. This is sent by email.

Simplicity and convenience

Next time you  want to browse just click on the Trade page and login in. The site will give you a discount when you check out.  All nice and automatic.

No need to make phone calls to place your orders and ask for your discount . Just order on your laptop, tablet or phone as our site is optimised for all platforms.

We do NOT have a minimum order requirement , so you can buy just one valve ! Very useful when you realise the key valve you need to finish that urgent repair.

Prices include VAT and delivery in the UK. VAT is automatically deducted for non-EU customers

Many ways to pay

Pay by Paypal, credit, debit card and outside of the UK you can pay by many local card options including Belgian, Dutch, German, Polish systems ( as long as the transaction is in Euros)

Buy in a big choice of currencies, plus European payment options, if you buy in Euros. and we ship worldwide.  Super convenient.

Your Security

We take your security very seriously and no payment or card data is on our website. Card data stays with our payment gateway providers only for your transaction.

Our website uses end to end encryption.


We stock Russian and Slovakian products branded EHX, Genalex Gold Lion, JJ Electronic, Sovtek, and Tung Sol and we hold a good breadth of stock across these brands. We receive shipments roughly every 3/4 weeks. We work to keep everything in stock at all times.


We ship your order same day if we receive your order before 3.30pm UK time weekdays, and by 10.30am on Saturdays. You can opt for faster shipment methods at checkout

We are always happy to talk “amps and valves/tubes”  on the phone to all our current and future customers !

We test our valves  on our AVO testers to ensure that you don’t receive duds

Register today !

We will be sending out invitations to register  to existing customers .Why not register today and grab that discount. Sign Up Today ! No phone calls just order online! Click here to register.

Click here and browse our wide range of valves /tubes right now

Customer Reviews

Star rating Star rating Star rating Star rating Star rating

"New customer here. I want to say that I was blown away with the incredibly fast shipping! Now I can get my JCM 2000 DSL 100 performing the way it should with no bias worries much sooner that I thought. The fantastic price, wonderful illustrated mod instructions and unbelievable shipping speed is second to none. The whole experience was great and I would highly recommend valvetubeguitaramps.com for all of your amp needs!" - North American customer J.J. bought a Marshall Stable Bias kit reviewed 4th January 2021

Star rating Star rating Star rating Star rating Star rating

"Fast reliable service and good value!" UK customer bought Vox AC 30 CC2 valve kit and reviewed 14th January 2021

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