EL34 II JJ Matched Quad Image

We have now upgraded all our JJ EL34 valve kits.  Our kits now include the JJ EL34 II. The reason?

The JJ standard EL34 does not sound nearly as good as the EL34 II .  The standard EL34 is known for sounding “thin” whereas the EL34 II has much stronger low end and mids making for a much fatter solid tone.

All the EL34 kits on the drop down menu when selecting ” Make” and ” Model” have the EL34II included as standard.

JJ Electronic valves are good value for money and their ECC83S is one of the lowest noise pre-amp valves in the ECC83/12AX7 format. Combined with the EL34 II you get super tone at a super price. Be careful when comparing prices with other kit vendors. Most still offer the standard JJ EL34 and we are sure you will regret not getting the updated/upgraded version.

You can see the kits here

We also sell the  JJ Electronic EL34 II output valves in matched pairs and quads

We also have the rich bass sounding JJ E34L too in matched pairs and quads


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