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While we do our day to day the day to day work, we find some interesting useful websites and some we just like..  I thought I would be brief and share some things them.  They are in no particular order.

Honeyboy amps make some really nice looking amps. They are based on the early Fender Tweed designs and are hand wired.  Andy makes a lovely 5 watt amp and if you are a harp player then check out his microphones specially made for harp players. They are literally Clyde built . Andy who runs the company is very helpful and can create the amp with the appearance you want from a huge range of options


633 Engineering hand crafts a range of amps that can be customised to the user’s specific needs. Cliff was the chief engineer at Blackstar and Soundcraft. so a lot of design experience results in great amps. They are beautifully voiced.


If you live near or in Wiltshire  and are looking a good knowledgeable no nonsense amp guy to restore, repair or service your cherished valve amp then check out   Chris at Vintage Amp Services


Check out Nine Below Zero. A superb band. They are touring with from October.  Here are the tour dates.


A lot of folks in the UK that I bump into dont realise that Nazareth are still a rock force to be reckoned with .  They are highly popular in Central East Europe, Canada, Netherlands etc etc and played some huge gigs during the summer.  They dont do many gigs in the UK which is a pity. At the time of writing their latest album is Number 1 in the Amazon charts so go check it out !! Their European tour starts 8th November through to 16th December 2018


Trans-amp is a British manufacturer of quality handmade transformers. Check out their website and see their hand made mains, choke and output transformers


Another small UK bespoke transformer manufacturer is Primary Windings This company will be useful for folks want to build their own amp and they do transformers for the Mullard reference designs for amps.


Please let us know if you have something interesting to offer and we can consider adding it  here.

And finally,  we offer a great range of valves and we ship worldwide check them out !


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"I called shortly after ordering some replacement valves as I wondered if there was anything else I needed to address the noise. Not only did Stewart suggest a more suitable valve for the tone I was after, we had a really enjoyable chat and he give me some really useful tips for future fault finding. Follow your nose and shop here folks, you will not be disappointed!!." - Colin W July 2019.

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"The valves for my Vox AC30CC2X arrived next day which was impressive . This is the third set of valves I have purchased for my amps from this company , I also have a Marshall TSL 601. Service and telephone advice is always first rate. Recommended" Neil F July 2019

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