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We now own the trademark ” Zaerix”  name along with the logo. 

Zaerix is an old name in the UK market. We are working to bring the brand back to life while upholding the values of this famous name from the past..  Zaerix was the brand name of a company called Z and I Aero Services.  They did not make valves themselves but they did source high quality valves from manufacturers around the world and ensured they met their high standards.
Z and I were important suppliers to government and military contracts.  We will follow their approach to the market but online.

We have plans to bring products to the market in 2020.  The products will not just be limited to valves.  Watch out for more news !

Here is a link to an original Zaerix ECC83 valve

You can buy our trusted valves from JJ, EHX, Genalex, Sovtek, and Tung Sol too.

Customer Reviews

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"Best price and fast delivery, very happy!" - LG. 4th Feb 2020

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"Just ordered my second purchase from Stewart, once again, excellent personal advice, based upon personal requirements specific to my amp. The valves were despatched and received immediately. Ten out of ten, - highly recommended- `J ( anon)..5th feb,2020

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