New EHX Pedals

Our focused range of pedals from New York City. Beautifully manufactured innovative pedals for great sounds at competitive prices!

  • Cock Fight Plus Graphic
    New EHX Pedals

    EHX Cock Fight Plus Wah and Distortion in one pedal

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    The EHX Cock Fight Plus offers up the award-winning tone of the original Cock Fight in a rugged, lightweight pedal and with a traditional rack and pinion style operating mechanism. It contains two different expressive filters: a traditional wah pedal filter and a formant filter used for vowel sounds. The Cockfight Plus also features a lively fuzz section that can be added before or after the filter section, or taken out of the signal path completely.

  • New EHX Pedals

    EHX Nano Looper 360 A great price for a super looper

    £89.99 Read more

    The EHX NANO LOOPER 360 is a compact, affordable, pedal looper with 360 seconds of loop recording time and 11 storable loops.  Create some great backing and atmospheric sounds. Check out the videos and see just how good this is .

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  • Electro Harmonix #1 Echo
    New EHX Pedals

    Electro Harmonix #1 Echo

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    The Electro Harmonix #1 Echo is an amazing digital delay pedal in a small box.  It has a delay of up to 2 seconds. Test your creativity on lead and chords on this unit. Suer for doing country and Shadows style playing

  • Big Muff Pi USA
    New EHX Pedals

    Electro Harmonix Big Muff PI USA THE distortion overdrive pedal – One Only

    £95.00 Add to basket

    Here is the Legendary Electro-Harmonx Big Muff Pi ( USA) pedal, a classic distortion /overdrive pedal


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