JJ 6550 Matched Pair are tested and matched on our AVO testers

JJ 6550 Matched Pair


Our JJ 6550 Matched Pair    in push pull can easily provide 100 watts of audio power and they come with a test certificate showing the our matching parameters. This ensures the best performance and sound quality.

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JJ 6550 Matched Pair

We issue a test certificate with each JJ 6550 Matched Pair This certificate specifies the matching at real amp voltages. AVO testers are used
This is one big bottle packing a lot of output power !! These beam tetrodes  can handle 42 watts in single ended pentode mode applications or a 100 watts in push pull mode.
As these are high power valves it is strongly recommended that the bias is checked when inserting in your amp. The valve life can be severely reduced if the bias is not set correctly.
We have  shipping options for UK and international customers.  Just make your selection at checkout. Get your valves delivered faster!
We also give a 180 day from receipt warranty on the product ( excludes  user caused mechanical damage ) for peace of mind .
Note: Valves use high voltages and these voltages are dangerous. The amp can still retain these high voltages for some time even after being switched off.  If you are not sure of fitting them , please seek the services of qualified personnel

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