JJ ECC83MG Medium Gain Valve


JJ ECC83MG Medium Gain Valve available in factory tested, premium tested, and balanced options.


The JJ ECC83MG (click for data sheet) valve is a high-quality, low-noise performer with a spiral wound heater for reduced hum. Comparable to the Sovtek 12AX7WA and favored by Fender, Mesa, and other amp manufacturers for its medium gain preamp capabilities. Especially popular in models like the Fender Blues Jr, Hot Rod Deluxe, and Deville series. Many Fender amps were designed for mid gain valves and this valve provides better value compared to the EH 7025 which has become expensive due to sanctions import duty.

We have three ECC83MG options:

  • Factory Tested: Direct from our stock of JJ Electronic valves
  • Premium tested. Tested in-house for
    • Shorts
    • Cathode to heater insulation, crucial to ensure low hum
    • Anode insulation
    • Anode currents on the two triodes (which we label on the box)
    • Tested at 250 volts with -2 volts bias to simulate actual conditions in your amp
    • Audio tested for microphonics and noise
  •  Balanced: In addition to the above tests and labelling, we select the units where the anode currents closely match. We record anode currents and the Gm of each triode directly on the box. Includes a test certificate. Perfect as a phase splitter in your amp, ensuring even drive to the amp output stage.
  • We also have the high gain JJ ECC83S
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