Sovtek 12AX7LPS A superb phase splitter ECC83 12AX7 type Long Plates

Sovtek 12AX7LPS is a long plated version of the 12AX7  ECC83 and is favoured by a number of amp manufacturers for their smooth rich tone. Not recommended for the V1 position in combo amps because long plate 12AX7/ECC83S types tend to be more microphonic.


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The Sovtek 12AX7LPS  is a relatively new variant of the ECC83 type. It is quite a different construction to the other Sovtek types. It is a long plate valve.   The Sovtek 12AX7LPS  has larger plates inside and they have a very smooth tone across all frequency ranges. Just right for blues and Jazz in my mind.  many amps use this valve as the phase splitter.  it is not recommended for the V1 position in a combo amp because the longer plate designs tend to be more microphonic

The lowest microphonics valve for the V1 position is the Sovtek 12AX7WC

Here is the data sheet

The Supermatch version is a balanced version and comes with a test certificate showing the test results.

We do test every pre-amp valve which we sell for your piece of mind.

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"Fantastic service! Early really helpful and knowledgeable. Tubes relieved very quickly as well! Thank you so much!" - A.L. 14th Nov 2019

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"Excellent service. Stewart has a genuine interest in his customers which really adds a personal touch to the overall experience. Highly recommended and will be back future purchases. Thank you.."- A.C. 2nd December, 2019

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