• EH 4 12AX7 4 EL34EH image
    EL34 Based Kits

    EH Valve Kit 4 12AX7 4 EL34EH

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    The EH Valve Kit 4 12AX7 4 EL34EH improves the toal qualities of 100 watt amplifiers including Marshall, Rooster and Selmer as compared to using budget valves. They offer a rich tone which fits rock playing styles perfectly. Valves made in Russia with 180 days warranty

  • 7025EH image
    ECC83S 12AX7 Valves Types

    EH7025 Preamp Valve

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    Electro-Harmonix has released a low noise, low microphonic version of the 12AX7, the EH 7025.
    Electro-Harmonix has redesigned the structure of the 12AX7 and has implemented construction techniques to ensure the absolute lowest noise and microphonics possible.  It is fully tested by us and has a 180 day warranty. Made in Russia.

  • Cock Fight Plus Graphic
    New EHX Pedals

    EHX Cock Fight Plus Wah and Distortion in one pedal

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    The EHX Cock Fight Plus offers up the award-winning tone of the original Cock Fight in a rugged, lightweight pedal and with a traditional rack and pinion style operating mechanism. It contains two different expressive filters: a traditional wah pedal filter and a formant filter used for vowel sounds. The Cockfight Plus also features a lively fuzz section that can be added before or after the filter section, or taken out of the signal path completely.

  • New EHX Pedals

    EHX Nano Looper 360 A great price for a super looper

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    The EHX NANO LOOPER 360 is a compact, affordable, pedal looper with 360 seconds of loop recording time and 11 storable loops.  Create some great backing and atmospheric sounds. Check out the videos and see just how good this is .

    Check out our other great EHX products

  • Electro Harmonix (EH)

    EL84 6BQ5 EH Matched Pair For Superior Tone

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    EL84 6BQ5 EH matched pairs are hand tested by us and matched. These are top of the  line EL84’s . We supply a test certificate showing the matching. We also test your valves at 400 volts – the real voltages seen in your amp

  • Sale! EL84 6BQ5 Tung Sol matched Pair image
    Power Valves

    EL84 6BQ5 Tung Sol matched Quad

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    EL84 6BQ5 Tung Sol matched Quad are hand tested by us and matched. These are top of the  line versions of this popular valve as used in many American amps in the 1960’s. We supply a test certificate showing the matching. We also test your valves at 400 volts. 120 day warranty.

  • EL84 retainer clip image
    Valve Retainers and shields

    EL84 Valve Retainer

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    The EL84 Valve Retainer is mounted on the screws which hold the chassis mounted B9A valve socket.

  • Electro Harmonix #1 Echo
    New EHX Pedals

    Electro Harmonix #1 Echo

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    The Electro Harmonix #1 Echo is an amazing digital delay pedal in a small box.  It has a delay of up to 2 seconds. Test your creativity on lead and chords on this unit. Suer for doing country and Shadows style playing

  • Electro Harmonix 12DW7 / ECC832
    EF86 ECC99 ECL82 12AY7 12DW7 12BH7

    Electro Harmonix 12DW7 Triode

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    The Electro Harmonix 12DW7 triode is two triodes but one has a gain of 100 and the other half a gain of 20.
    Think of it as having one half of an ECC83  ( 12AX7) and and the other half from the ECC82 ( 12AU7). It is used in Peavey and Ampeg amps.

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