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Other Amps


Two Rock Gainmaster 35

A two rock Gainmaster 35 arrived for a service. It is manufactured by the Premier Builders Guild LLC.  A fancy name! The amps are made in California and are around £2000..  They are built on a printed circuit style board which looks very like tagboard . See in the picture below. This amp is extremely …

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Laney VH100R Service

A Laney VH100R amp head came in for a service.  While “nothing” was wrong with it, the owner decided just to have its health checked out. This is a really high gain amp with 6 ECC83/12AX7 pre-amp valves driving 4x EL34B to give a 100 watts out. On switch on it was clear that a …

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Mesa Boogie Amp Repair

A very sick Mesa Boogie Caliber DC 10 amp arrived for me to have a look at. Our first Mesa Boogie Amp repair.  This one had one dead channel and my 22 watt Fender Deluxe was as loud as this amp.  The Mesa Boogie is a 100 watt amp so something was up.  It also …

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Bugera Infinium amp

Bugera V55 Infinium Video

We recently repaired a Bugera V55 Infinium amp.  We added a Bugera V55 Infinium video to our video channel . There has been a lot of chatter on especially North American forums about these amps so we thought we would show the amp repair  with an amp that was blowing fuses. We then did a …

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