Amp Power Output Valves including 5881 valves Tung Sol EL34B

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  • JJ EL844 Hand Matched Pair

    JJ EL844 Matched Pair

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  • Tung Sol Matched Pair 6L6GC-STR

    Tung Sol 6L6GC STR Single Valve

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  • Tung Sol 7189 Image

    Tung Sol 7189 Matched Quad Upgrade your EL84s

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  • EL34 II Single vave image

    JJ EL34 II Pentode Valve A midway choice bewteen EL34 and EL34L

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  • E34L JJ Matched Pair Image

    E34L Matched Pair JJ Electronic Upgrade for More Headroom and deeper lows

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  • JJ 6550 Output Valve

    JJ 6550 Matched Pair

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  • Marshall JCM200 Stable Bias kit with four matched Tung Sol EL34B

    Marshall JCM2000 Bias Mod Kit TSL and Matched Quad Tung Sol EL34B

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  • valve kit logos image

    Fender Bassman Ltd ReIssue Valve Set

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  • EH KT88 Matched Quad for guitar and hifi amps

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  • 6L6 EH image

    EH 6L6GC Quality Matched Quad

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  • Vox AC30 1998 valve kit in an amp image

    Vox AC30 1998 Model JJ based valve kit

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  • Sovtek EL84M Military Grade

    Sovtek EL84M Military Grade

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"I’d spent some time upgrading my Blues Junior mk2 with better-spec components; larger pine cab, Cannabis rex, caps & resistors. What difference could alternative preamp tubes make? Well…I’ve already thanked Stewart for hooking me up with these beauties. 7025’s in the V1 & 2 sockets really have cut background noise to pretty-much nowt & any ‘loss of gain’ (I use pedals for this anyhow) is made up for by being able to play at increased vol & greater clean headroom. I lik’em & you might too!." - MH bought EH 7025's and reviewed on 18th July 2021

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"Awesome" US Cusomer S.O. bought Marshall DSL Stable Bias Board kit and reviewed on 18th July 2021

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